I used to struggle with the issue of how to blog and keep getting quality photos when I’m travelling. Carrying a reasonably heavy camera around with you everywhere isn’t the most appealing idea and then there’s the issue of whether or not your travel buddies actually know how to use one. I get a lot of comments and messages asking what the best way to keep up with blogging whilst on holiday, and I actually touched on how I manage it in my FAQ post. Wherever you are, whether a beach resort in Bali, a family retreat in Iceland or an urban trip to one of the major cosmopolitan cities (my personal favourite), these five tips will definitely help you!

1. Scheduling

I went for the most obvious one first, sorry. For Instagram I actually queue up about five days worth of posts to give me enough time to plan my ‘holiday feed’. Sure this means that things aren’t very spontaneous and the pictures won’t be in sync with my exact location (do you really care though?), but doing things in advance means that if the weather is horrific or you just feel like taking a real break from being online, you’re able to do so without feeling pressurised. I use the app UNUM to plan my grid and it also has a scheduling tool so you can prepare your hashtags and captions in advance. Oh, and as a side note on the hashtags, obviously tailor it to the city you’re in and do your research. Even one or two posts with new localised hashtags works wonders!

blue suede cap brandy melville top

2. Reach out to photographers/ bloggers

I guess this primarily works if you’re travelling to a country where you can speak the local language. I go to Hong Kong so often I decided to reach out to a few photographers and bloggers, either to shoot or to meet up. You’ll get a chance to see what the industry is like through the eyes of someone else and create unique content together. Even when bloggers are visiting London they’ll drop me a message and I mostly say yes as it’s always fun to show someone your favourite places in the city (including the most photogenic).

You can see the pictures that I shot with Horacio (@dbhl__)and Justin (@hurtingbombzhere, as well as the shoot I did of Jessie (@4evajessie).

andrea in mongkok, 90's inspired outfit andrea in mongkok, 90's inspired outfit

3. Plan your outfits in advance

This doesn’t mean you should pack like a week earlier, it means that if you have PR contacts you should be emailing them 3-4 weeks before your trip to see if they can set you up with any looks to shoot. I have a few blogger friends that send out lots of emails for brand collaborations before their trips because it is one of the best ways to showcase a product. Don’t be shy about it either but do your research. Footwear brands like Public Desire and Simmi Shoes maintain good relationships with ‘influencers’ but even if those shoes aren’t your style, it doesn’t hurt to reach out to your favourite cult brand’s PR agency and ask to take something out on loan! Foreign locations will always attract new audiences and it’s a refreshing period for your existing readers, win win for the brands you’ll be working with and for yourself.

4. Iphone only

Some locations are best with Iphone only. Even shooting in London means that sometimes I can’t always get someone to stand x feet away with my DSLR because of all the incoming tourists. When travelling, the idea of lugging a proper camera around with lens to swap out is a little stressful. Some of my most loved travel shots have been done with just an Iphone (see here and here). Personally, the only shots I’d say are best left to a DSLR would be ‘street style’ shots, like the kind you see during Fashion Week, and portraits.

andrea in mongkok, 90's inspired outfit

5. Be fearless

I’m just going to be really honest and it’s not going to sound nice. If you’re hesitating about taking pictures or asking whoever you’re with to take 30 minutes out of the day to getting some shots, you’re really not cut out for blogging. Creating content doesn’t stop just because you’re on holiday. It’s like a second job that never ends. There are girls out there that wake up at 5am for a shot on the Brooklyn Bridge just so they can avoid tourists. Such actions are bound to excite some kind of negativity from someone somewhere but at the end of the day, these people have taken a beautiful photograph that they can keep forever. I am really upfront with whoever I’m travelling with and I tell them that I must get x amount of pictures and I have x amount of outfits to shoot. I definitely don’t demand that we wake up at the crack of dawn because I am just not that kind of person but setting expectations for your travelling companions are just one of the ways you compromise when you’re going on holiday with someone. My friends and boyfriend are always understanding because they know it’s not just a ‘hobby’ of mine and even if it were, who cares?

blue suede cap brandy melville top

Brandy Melville top

Swayde London hat

Vintage skirt from Tokyo

Saint Laurent sneakers