I’ve often mentioned how I don’t really love being in front of the camera. And as douchey as this may sound, all stages in life are part of a wider journey and right now my creative growth has allowed me to take comfort behind the lens. It’s hard to call myself a photographer because I feel that I haven’t really ‘earned’ that title yet. The appropriate, self-assigned title of ‘Instagram photographer’ seems a lot more suitable for what I do. However, I was never formally trained in art yet I have no problem labelling myself as an illustrator. This seems to be a distinct millennial issue, through forging different paths in life you end up with a kind of jack-of-all-trades syndrome. I bet in ten years or less they’ll have a special name dedicated to the condition that people like me are facing.

Back to the topic of photography, collaborating with other bloggers on shoots and having in depth conversation about our shared passion has been so helpful in getting me settled back into London. Some of my friends ask me why I’m taking the time to produce material for someone else, rather than use the time to work on my own ‘brand’. The truth is that my ‘brand’ if you can even call it that, will always be rooted in collaborations. It will never be just about me because I don’t see this blog’s future as my singular voice. I am constantly and consciously influenced by everyone me.

My blog started off as a portfolio because I didn’t study fashion during university and I wanted something concrete that I could document my experimental style on. Since then, it has become not just a personal space for me to post my musings on the fashion industry or how I’m wearing the latest trend (or why I’m not), but also everyday relatable titbits on what it’s really like to be a ‘creative’, right now.

And right now, I’m exploring another part of what it means to assign myself to that tribe, and that’s being an Instagram photographer. With that, here’s a roundup of the shoots that I’ve done this summer with some beautiful ladies in London.

 Shloka of @thesilksneaker

thesilksneaker shloka thesilksneaker shloka thesilksneaker shloka thesilksneaker shloka

Thais Gomes of @taislany

thais gomes taislany pink chanel thais gomes taislany pink chanel thais gomes taislany pink chanel thais gomes taislany thais gomes taislany

Nengi of @runwayribbons

runway ribbons, chloe sandalsrunway ribbons nengi runway ribbons nengi runway ribbons nengi