I’ve been saving this post for the right moment and I had no idea two months ago that I would be in Singapore again so soon after I made my move back to Europe. For the last month I’ve been in Hong Kong, during which I took a trip with my boyfriend’s family to Taiwan, a place that I’ve never been to before. Coming to SG was a relatively impromptu decision, which induced a flurry of scheduling my days with beauty appointments (because nothing beats knowing who you can trust with your skin and hair!) and meeting up with as many people as I can, while keeping in mind the blogging duties.

When I’m travelling for personal reasons like this one to see my family, it’s easy to just forget about posting or keeping others updated on what I’m doing. It’s not that as a blogger I feel obligated to share most of my life because that’s not true at all, perhaps I’m one of the more fortunate people on IG that don’t feel compelled to connect on a constant basis. It’s just that once you start to put yourself online to the degree that you’re lucky enough to have strangers care about what you’re doing, wearing, eating or where you’re travelling to, you start to get asked a lot of questions from those close to you about why you don’t tell them things. They question why someone thousands of miles away who doesn’t know my last name knows what I had for lunch two days ago but they don’t know what country I’m in. I think it’s normal to look to social media for a quick check up on people (why is everyone engaged now by the way?), which I like to think is fine because I’m definitely guilty of sneaking over to Facebook to remember a friend’s birthday. I like the convenience of the information available online but at the same time I question it’s accuracy and am aware of its ability to mislead. As careful as I may be to properly tag a picture, clarify things in captions or indeed, in blog posts itself, people who aren’t slaves to technology as those who blog and actively use social media are always going to feel a little out of the loop. And to you who may find yourself reading this that fall into that category, on behalf of us who feel it’s enough to assume people know which continent we’re in via a geotag, I’m sorry!

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Photos by Chrystal, @chrystlm

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