The difference between loving clothes and loving style is that no matter where you go, you always dress the same. Style to me, is the ability to adapt to wherever you are, take on looks like a chameleon and still stay true to yourself. Sure the latter guarantees a tidy, aesthetically pleasing blog or Instagram feed but being predictable and sticking to the same formula will never challenge anyone.

When I was in Hong Kong, I collaborated with Horacio @_dbhl and Justin @hurtingbombz, shooting at places in the city that I would never have thought to go before. From the old school trams that cost a mere 20 pence to ride, to the Tsing Yi bridge that one has to cross to get from the airport to Hong Kong island, these shoots were a unique way for me to see the tourist side of the city without behaving like one.

andrea in HK @hurtingbombz andrea in HK @hurtingbombz andrea in HK @hurtingbombz andrea in HK @dbhl_

Photos by Horacio, @dbhl_ and Justin @hurtingbombz

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