90’s KID

90’s KID

Nine years ago there was a  revival of all things 80’s, where if you were a teenager like I was, you’d likely be seen in neon jumpers sourced from vintage stores with a ‘too-cool-to-care about the rips in my oversized attire’ attitude. Calvin Harris released Acceptable in the 80’s which my friends would drunkenly bob along to at house parties and ‘raves’ in Camden. I use air quotes because I think that we both know that it’s an inflated word for underaged drinking in a public venue in North London. I never attended those things, raves I mean, and now I think about it my attendance at house parties were few and far in between.

My idea of a party in a house involved manicures followed by cocktails at dinner while I played adult in my 16 year old body. Kind of a poor man’s version of a Blair Waldorf sleepover. You could say I liked to think of the present as being a trial run for the future.

I never danced to those songs about that era, nor was I into rap or synth or any of those genres associated with that decade. Oh and let me be clear, this isn’t a post about music because if I were to write more than 100 words on that topic, I would have to ask any reader to forgive me for letting it see the light of day. This is a post about no matter how hard I tried, I could never do vintage. I didn’t understand the joys of thrifting. The garish hair and makeup of the 80’s offended me. I looked on at the few years of its revival with a sour disdain and whichever organ in me governs taste, it spluttered with relief when I saw that scene wash out like one of the many celebrity has-beens from that era.

 The culture of the 60’s and 70’s didn’t affect me to that extent, most probably because it was too far removed from my birth year, so I wasn’t excluded by the inability reminisce about ‘those days’. Although looks from that period came back in a big way last year and we can still see traces of it for this season: suede is still hot and featured on highlight tables at Topshop. Flowing dresses that make you want to throw a saddle on a horse and go riding in fields of wild flowers are unashamedly ‘in’. Yet, what’s more apparent now than ever is the 90’s trend and although I have never owned and will never own one of those plastic faux-tattoo chokers, I’m happy to see it’s return.

To me it symbolises the days of Sabrina The Teenage WitchCharmedWill and Grace, and oh my gosh Clueless. And the clothes? I’m thrilled to see satin slips closer to lingerie than actual dresses (cue 13 going 30: ‘Honey, I know I’m your best friend, but the slip dress is a little…’) and the resurfacing of the everyday-American’s version of preppy. It was about time you had your moment again, A-line skirts and berets! So will I be dressing that way? I will, only if Britney dons pigtails and prances down a school hallway.



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Photos by Chrystal, @chrystlm

Brandy Melville t shirt

American Apparel skirt


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