The more social media platforms there are for us bloggers, the more confusing it is to determine our location. People are asking me, ‘how’s Austria? How’s Zurich, are you in London yet?’ The truth is, I’m writing this post from Switzerland and tomorrow, I’m flying to Hong Kong so by the time this is published, I’ll be in Asia. Never trust a geotag on Instagram guys! I honestly never thought that moving to Europe would mean that I would be back in my usual haunting grounds in a month’s time. To be honest, I miss Din Tai Fung, my bunny and dog but I won’t miss doors slammed in my face (please, just hold the door open for the person behind you).

Now onto fashion, I’m so happy to finally show you this look that I shot in Vienna because it’s one of my favourites and you should’ve seen my ridiculous smile when I found these trousers in my size. The back story goes like this: it was one evening that my boyfriend and I were taking a post-dinner stroll that we came across a cellist playing Andrea Bocelli’s Time To Say Goodbye in a square and I decided that we absolutely had to take some shots there the next day. It’s a song that I grew up with, my mother would play the CD on repeat during school runs and the nostalgia was just overwhelming. The beauty of taking pictures like these whilst travelling is that it not only preserves the memory but at the same time, it beckons it to the forefront of your mind every time you look at the photos. Of course, thanks to apps I can save the video of the classical performance that I first posted on Snapchat but if you missed that magical moment (make sure you don’t miss any more, check out @fleurandrea on Snap!), at least you can see it here, in daylight sans the music. And trust me, the park that we eventually wound up at after revisiting the square was just lovely with all of it’s grandeur, cherry blossoms and fountains. Oh, and to keep it real here, a hysterical man in the background who was cursing in German, not pictured.

vienna, flared trousers

vienna museum quarter

vienna museum quarter flared trousers


vienna museum quarter flared trousers

vienna, asos, leather jacket vienna, asos, leather jacket vienna flared trousers, stilettos vienna portrait

Photos shot in Vienna

Zara t shirt, jacket and trousers

Asos belt

Saint Laurent wallet as clutch

Aldo shoes

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