I used to walk past this spot in the Ann Siang neighbourhood of Singapore probably, two, three times a week. Despite it’s jungle-like appearance, it’s actually opposite a row of shop houses with spiralling staircases and the lesser quaint view of a cross fit gym. It’s also on the way to one of mine and my ex-colleagues’ preferred lunch spots- Aloha Poke, where you can get some seriously good raw fish on rice and salad. I’m guilty of scraping my paper pot clean with my fork after each order and moaning about how the saddest part of any meal is the last few bites. Such a glutton, I know.

I always feel that the hardest time to create great content is when you’re not going out and exploring, seeing and trying things- basically when you’re not living. Sometimes people lose sight of the important fact that inspiration is gained through participating in your environment and when that’s forgotten, thoughts go stale and innovation deteriorates into senseless appropriation. I’m just saying that even in those times where you want to stay holed up in bed with your laptop and binge on Netflix, don’t expect to wake up with amazing new ideas on how to style something or a great way to write a story that you’ve been aching to share. Instagram and other people’s blogs aren’t enough. The internet alone is not enough. I know this first hand because trust me, I am a TV series binger if there ever was one.

We need to remind ourselves that the best way to do our jobs, especially if it involves creating something is to take a break from work. We need to chat to our friends on the phone, even though hanging up is more awkward than leaving a 24 hour delay on a WhatsApp response because it doesn’t involve the word ‘goodbye’. We need to indulge strangers in small talk even if we’re dreading it, look up at the sky when we’re walking to the nearest train station. We should look beyond ourselves and the brightly illuminated screens attached to our palms. If it weren’t for my wandering eyes imagining the frames for this shoot on my way to get some spicy tuna with jalapeños on brown rice, maybe these pictures wouldn’t be much different to the stuff I’ve done before. I wouldn’t see a different side to this city and you, my readers that haven’t been to Singapore, wouldn’t either.

During one of my last days in Singapore, I met up with a friend that I had shot with a few times before and met back when we were both studying in London. I was at UCL (yay), she was at King’s College (boo, sorry Mary). We took these pictures whilst I was on lunch break since it’s so near to my office. It came out just as I had imagined. Here I look tiny, shrunken even against the lush greenery and the bulbous gnarled tree roots. I’m wearing a straw hat from Lack of Color that I have big dreams and aspirations for <3 (it’s going travelling this spring). Also, I’m all about weird interpretations of classic pieces so this shirt was an amazing find at Zara, again during another lunch break, which I paired with some culottes that I’ve had for quite a long time. Oh, and as a side note, is it just me or do all boys hate culottes?


lack of color hat, zara shirt

ralph lauren, lack of color, singapore shootlack of color hat, zara shirt
lack of color hat, zara shirt lack of color hat, zara shirt

lack of color hat, zara shirt

Photos by Mary, @taymary

Zara shirt

Lack of Color hat

MDS culottes

Ralph Lauren bag


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