I don’t know about you but thinking of good titles for posts is a struggle. This applies to captions for pictures too. I don’t think it’s good enough to pluck a lyric out of the latest tune that’s been running through your head. Most often than not, it’s highly overdone and also, unoriginal. It didn’t come as a surprise to me when I realised I wasn’t too hot at writing headlines or ledes either. On the topic of writing, my period at Time Out is coming to an end and I’ve had such an awesome experience. Whether it’s the small things like fact checking, where I get to read about best places to be in the city first hand or the really nerve wracking but rewarding process of interviewing locals to celebrities, it’s been such a full experience. One great thing that I get to do, aside from meeting people, is attend events. Not the regular kind that you see just about everyone from Instagram turning up to and snapping selfies but really interesting previews, shows and tastings.

When I get there, no matter how tired I am I always put on my best self because in reality no one gives a shit if you’re a ‘shy’ person or you’re going in behalf of someone that day. It’s so important to me to talk to people and get their perspectives on the journalism and fashion industry because I love hearing strong opinions, even if I may not agree with them. I’ve noticed and spoken about this to some of my colleagues and friends that other writers and bloggers here are really anti social. It’s such a culture shock coming from London where everyone’s happy to network and just have a chat about what’s going on. I always find myself having a great time with PR girls and marketing people and even if it’s their job to make sure you’re having fun, at least someone’s doing it, right? Isn’t it part of a writer’s job too to get to know people and understand what’s happening around them, instead of bringing their iPhone as their plus one and simply picking up a press release and a goodie bag on their way out?

Obviously I wouldn’t wear this outfit to a work event however, one thing I have realised is that my usual all-black or all-white ensembles don’t cut it because that’s the standard uniform of organisers. This outfit just reminded me of that feeling I get when I go somewhere for work and how you have to be yourself, most importantly you have to be that shiny, focused and sociable version. You may be a guest but you’re not the only one invited.

sequin dress, feathers, bowsequin dress, feathers, bow

sequin dress, feathers, bow

sequin dress, feathers, bow

sequin dress, feathers, bow sequin dress, feathers, bow sequin dress, feathers, bowclose up valentino clutch, feathers and sequins

Topshop dress (similar here)

Valentino clutch (similar here)



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