Although we’re only half way through the month, I love it already. It feels like I’ve been preparing for February for ages; the article for Time Out that I was really excited to see published came out in the first week. It involves cat fishing like thirty guys on seven different apps and you can read it here. Next, my boyfriend flew in to visit me for my birthday, which is the first time we’ve been able to spend it together. We got a beautiful room at Sofitel So and just did next to nothing for a week- wandering around malls, running errands and eating awesome food. Being in a long distance relationship means that the ‘boring’ things that couples do is kind of special for us. Straight after he left came Chinese New Year, which in Singapore equals to four days of holiday. I personally don’t celebrate it and I honestly don’t get what the fuss is around hoarding as many mandarins in your house until they rot, visiting aunts and uncles that only remember you when ‘you were this tall’- but you know, I go along with some of it because who’s going to say no to free money. And today of course, is Valentine’s Day.

Growing up looking like Shrek was one hell of a way to make sure that the 14th of Feb was cringe-worthy and a massive slap to my already non-existent self esteem. Add to the mix that I went to school with really, really pretty girls and you get classrooms of secret notes taped to desks and zero expectations for myself. So by the time puberty had died and left it’s awful acne and braces long behind in the dust, I was quite apathetic about V Day. It just seemed like a nice opportunity to book a nice restaurant for lunch with my friends and then barricade myself indoors past 7pm, because who wants to eat in a candle lit room full of couples at different stages of their relationships? It’s fascinating but more than that it’s awkward. I never really ‘liked’ Valentine’s Day because I didn’t think that I would ever have someone to live up to the feelings that I imagined I would have if my twelve year old self had a rose taped her cubby hole (locker), or an envelope with a handmade card slipped inside her school bag when she wasn’t looking.

But being someone that cares deeply about flowers because they are very important, to the point that I find fake ones quite offensive, the fact that my boyfriend understands this has made Valentine’s Day one of my favourite days of the year (low-key until now that I’ve announced it). So even if you hate Valentine’s Day or you see it as the commercialisation of love and a sign that society is corrupted by capitalism or whatever cliche bullshit you like to spiel to make people miserable with, just think of it as National Flower Day and it gets a lot better. (If you don’t like flowers then I don’t know how to help you because we disagree about something on a fundamental level).

Happy Valentine’s Day, readers!

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