With the New Year just a day or so away (depending on what time zone in which you’re reading this), I am really looking forward to 2016. I can’t really remember the last time I was excited for a new year to come rolling by because it usually reminds me of all the things that have happened and I get a little nostalgic. As Scott F. Fitzgerald wrote, “[Y]ou can’t repeat the past” but thinking about all the amazing things I’ve been able to see and do in this last year, and the immense hope that I have for the next, it is inspiring enough to leave behind the need to live with what I find familiar.

This look is the second and last outfit that I shot in Paris. It’s really quite a simple, casual look with a lot of layering but what I love about it is that when I shed the coat, the boots or the scarf, it is still a complete outfit that I can also wear in Singapore. In my last post about how I packed for the weekend away with OOTD worthy pieces, I didn’t spend a lot of time beforehand planning what I would wear.

This is really quite different to the approach I have to taking pictures in Singapore because I have so much time to look at my wardrobe and make choices. For me this is also particularly true with makeup in that I just don’t spend as much time on it because when I’m abroad it’s all about the need to get OUT and roam around as soon as I get some breakfast!

Sometimes the best casual outfits are the ones that you throw on, with items that you didn’t plan on bringing with you in the first place and I think the same can be said about amazing locations that you didn’t expect to find yourself in whilst you’re travelling.

The coat was a great find for me, I bought it off Fashion Bunkr at a steal and had it tailored when it arrived. Then when I was back in Singapore, in bed with my giant labrador napping across my legs, watching KUWTK (guilty pleasure) I saw Malika, Khloe’s BFF wearing the same one. I was like ‘I bet she got that tailored too because she’s tiny’. Okay so I realise that I’ve quoted Fitzgerald and referenced the Kardashians in the same post but you know what, they’re both about the American Dream so we can leave it at that.

I picked up the hat at Zara duty free, which I thoroughly recommend checking out if there’s one at your airport because who would’ve ever thought that an affordable high street brand would be made even cheaper. It’s so perfect for grabbing a last minute party dress that you regretfully left behind when you packed. I do this a lot because I refuse to offload any accessories (they make the outfit!!) so I tell myself that I don’t need any 1kg sequin embellished dresses for parties… I don’t, do I? As for my boots, even though I wear these far more often than I would like to admit, especially in Europe, they are such a classic that I think they go with almost any outfit. 

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