It’s Christmas Eve!! So less chat and more pictures because it’s hard to read when you’re tipsy. When I packed for this weekend away in Paris, I didn’t want to be that person that brought along two suitcases for such a short trip. It’s completely impractical, least because I wouldn’t be able to haul it everywhere with me. I packed a lot of basics that I could layer up and keep warm, while keeping my luggage light. Here I’m wearing a cable knit cashmere jumper over a mini drop-waist dress, also seen here. Instead of wearing black tights, I wanted a heavier silhouette at the bottom, so I swapped those out for these textured trousers. To keep the look sharp, I threw on my leather biker jacket, which is an absolute wardrobe hero and my favourite flats in the world- my Rockstuds! When I’m in Europe, admittedly I wear much less makeup than I do in Asia. I love the natural look and it’s so refreshing to be almost barefaced, so here I am wearing a bold reddish plum shade from MAC and I kept the rest of my face as fuss free (no touch ups required, yay!) as possible.
with VSCOcam with hb1 preset Zara jacket

Uniqlo jumper

Tinselrack dress

Uniqlo trousers

Valentino bag and shoes


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