LBD: The Cocktail Party

LBD: The Cocktail Party

For this look I thought about what I would want to wear to my next cocktail party. Something with a little shimmer, a little (but not too much) skin and understated accessories. There is nothing worse than gaudy gold or stripper-esque platform heels at a bar. That may get you twice the free drinks but it is certainly not chic.

I am wearing one of my oldest tops, one that I bought when I was just twelve years old for a Barmitzvah that I still treasure as it is practically a relic to me. Layering it under this Finders Keeper’s ‘Creator’ dress, it is glamorous without being ‘glamour’. When I say ‘cocktail party’ I’m referring to something more (or less) civilised, against the backdrop of the city lights, in a chill bar or at someone’s flat. I think that even if the soiree is at a friend’s home, or especially your own, there should always be an element of dressing up, because makeup and clothes aren’t for the boys, they’re for us.  And I’m not sure if it’s just me getting older but the allure of ‘a night out’ is really dated. Trust me, I’ve tried.

Whenever I hear one of those songs that you can really dance to and it brings back memories of those summer nights when I was at university, I whatsapp my friends like ‘WE NEED TO GO OUT’. And when that night rolls in, I’m in bed with a pore strip on my face, binge- watching a TV series. Is this my life now? I much prefer having a quiet girl’s night in with my close friends, talking about things that actually matter rather than standing around, sucking in for hours in heels on a sticky dance floor. Let’s be honest, that’s what it really is like. Not that there’s anything actually wrong with that, I just can’t appreciate the good parts of it anymore.

With all of that in mind, and considering that in most other countries it is autumn/winter, I decided to pair a dark red lip to match my burgundy Saint Laurent bag. If we’re talking about investment pieces and cost-per-wear, then this is one of the best pieces I have in my wardrobe. At first, I didn’t see it as a going out bag because of it’s size and delicate leather. However, I think that as long as it doesn’t enter the threshold of an actual club, I think it will survive!

Andrea (24)

Andrea (22)Andrea (13)

Andrea (23)Andrea (25)Andrea (12)photos by Aiksoon, @aiksooon

Finders Keeper’s ‘Creator’ dress

Charles and Keith shoes

Saint Laurent bag


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