LBD: Bare Street Style

LBD: Bare Street Style

Here is some contextual information on how this dress came about: I was browsing on Nasty Gal and came across this Finders Keeper’s dress that I had my eye on for a while. My friends and I have a penchant for a good side boob  situation and that was probably why I was so drawn to this plunge. When it finally arrived and I tried it on, I did a test run which involved bending over, stretching and strange yoga- esque style positions. ‘Why’ do you ask? Because I was fascinated by how easy it was to look topless in this dress.

 So this was the challenge- how do I make a dress that is essentially perfect for an occasion or a special night out, a dress that would fit seamlessly into my wardrobe, perhaps even for the day?

The first battle was how to avoid a boob slip. Forget about a nip slip, which only looks cute on Behati Prinsloo because, well, it’s Behati- the neckline on this has no mercy. First, I armed myself with boob tape, which is basically double sided sticky tape that I really could’ve just bought from a stationery shop and saved like $15+ but whatever, it was too late.

After standing in front of my mirror pasting that tape all over my chest (yes, I know this is super unflattering to visualise but I’m keeping it real here), I realised that if I didn’t make any sudden movements, it looked very nicely secured. Battle won.

When I put on the dress, I felt different, that kind of sensation you have when you know you’re about to go somewhere exciting. When a piece of clothing gives me that kind of vibe, I roll with it. I got out my distressed denim jacket that only two weeks ago I had packed away for good (kind of wasn’t really feeling it as ‘my thing’ anymore), and rolled up a bandana. Although it’s not obvious here, I paired this look with my newest babies, my Valentino rockstuds.

This outfit isn’t typically ‘me’ but I loved wearing it and apart from the anxiety that I would flash everyone, dressing like how I felt, rather than the idea of who I am, was refreshing. It’s been a while since I felt truly inspired to style something out of my comfort zone, and who better to shoot it than one of my favourite IG photographers, Aiksoon.

For similar, check out the first ‘styling challenge’ that I set myself, way back when I first bought a pair of Converse (that was a significant day for someone who had never casually worn sports shoes prior to that)!

Andrea (1)

Andrea (7)

Andrea (6)Andrea (3)

photos by Aiksoon, @aiksooon

Nasty Gal bandana

Finders Keeper’s ‘Creator’ dress

A&F denim jacket

Valentino Rockstud shoes


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